FEMA Assistance For Families with Unplanned Funeral Expenses. Individuals can apply for assistance for the reimbursement of COVID-19 Funeral Expenses after Jan. 20, 2020.


Our Funeral Home & Crematory 

Our historic funeral home began serving Tampa Bay area families in 1954. The building became notable for the cat sculpture, which was placed on the roof by builder John Gennaro.

Adams & Jennings Funeral Home now offers a facility with state of the art amenities and technologies. Our new building is a peaceful sanctuary with tastefully decorated rooms, comfortable seating areas, and accommodating chapels perfect for both large or small gatherings.

Adams & Jennings Funeral Home

ADDRESS: 6900 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604

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We invite you to call us at 813-237-3345 to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility.